Le nouveau sampler de Tooth & Nail dispo

publié par Marcounet le 9 mai 2010

Grouillez-vous de downloader le nouveau sampler de Tooth & Nail. Il répond au doux nom de "Bamboozle 2010 Sampler" et est en téléchargement libre jusqu’au 16 mai. Il est dispo ici et en voici la tracklist :

The Almost – “Hands”

The Classic Crime – “Solar Powered Life”

Secret & Whisper – “Warrior (Southern Arrowwood)”

Queens Club – “Less Talk”

Write This Down – “Renegade”

Sent By Ravens – “New Fire”

Poema – “2 A.M.”

Fair – “Disappearing World”

To Speak of Wolves – “Darkness Often Yields the Brightest Light”

Oh Sleeper – “Son of the Morning”

Number One Gun – “Forest”

Emery – “Edge of the World”

Living Sacrifice – “Rules of Engagement”

Mychildren Mybride – “Faithless”

Inhale Exhale – “Did You Ever Have A Touch To Lose ?”

Advent – “Pack of Fools”

Gwen Stacy – “The First Words”

Demon Hunter – “Collapsing”

Since October – “The Show”

The Letter Black – “Hanging On By A Thread”

Mae – “In Pieces”

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