A Very Indie Christmas Vol. 1

publié par Frère Informatique le 11 décembre 2008

C’est le titre de la compilation de Noël que vous offre Indie Vision Music.

Avec une liste de plus de 50 titres, voilà de quoi passer de joyeuses fêtes en musique.

Liste détaillée :

1. Aevory Nash “High Places”
2. All Have Fallen “Hold The Tears Back”
3. All In “Charles Barkley”
4. All or Nothing “A Million Venomous Snakes”
5. Arkeo “Miserable Ones”
6. Awake ! Awake ! “The Coming Night”
7. Blood and Water “Alone in My Principles”
8. Blue Cadet and the Brave December “Testimonies of Swords, Saints, and Scoundrels”
9. Camaria “Like a Bird”
10. Cinthia Mejia “Not Forgotten”
11. A Common Occurance “Joy to the World”
12. The Concept “Sunlight”
13. Curbsquirrels “Sun Vs Moon”
14. Fayda “Regards Wormwood”
15. Goodnight Caulfield “All You’ve Got”
16. Hazel and Vine “Fly by Kite”
17. A Hope for Home “Iniquity : An Offering”
18. Hope for the Dying “Our Fallen Comrades”
19. Jerome Madigan “Sunshine”
20. Just Like Josiah “Harmonics”
21. Kevin and the Octaves “O Come All Ye Faithful”
22. Kiros “Hurricane”
23. Knee Deep in Stereo “Running Against the Wind”
24. Lilly Among Thorns “Awake”
25. The Mess “Cold War”
26. The Molly Chambers “Reputation Conversation”
27. A Moments Notice “Oh God”
28. Mxpx “So This is Christmas”
29. My Epic “Men in Little Houses”
30. Now the Nursery “Ambiosis”
31. Out of Hiding “The Desperation”
32. Party or Die ! “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”
33. Push Push Pull “Baby Shake it Off”
34. The Rekoning “I Believe”
35. Safe Haven “A Lost Letter”
36. Saints Never Surrender “Companion”
37. Tim Serdynski “No Place Like Home”
38. To Tell “Here Comes Christmas”
39. Venia “The Hurting”
40. Yours for Mine “Absence is Elegance”
41. The Advantage “Listen”
42. Failure to Excel “Find My Way”
43. Theocracy “On Eagle’s Wings”
44. Harmony “Rain”
45. Grave Robber “Schizofiend”
46. Main Line Riders “Throwing Bones to the Wolves”
47. Onelastcall “Straight to the Moon !”
48. Ocean is Theory “More Than Conquerors”
49. Ursa Robotica “Arcadia Exeter” (Instrumental Version)
50. Endeavor the Seas “Untie Your Brothers”

Bonus :

Coolfield “Let it Snow”
Mendelson “What’s Mine is Yours”

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